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About Bowen

The Bowen technique is a hands-on manual therapy for the mind and body. It was devised by Tom Bowen in the 1980s who worked intuitively with the body. He helped thousands of people in Australia, many with severe disabilities.

If you have considered trying complementary therapies but you don’t like needles or are worried about crunching, stretching or pressure then Bowen could be for you! Bowen is extremely gentle. It complements orthodox medicine beautifully. It has few if any contra-indications. It is so gentle and safe, even newborn babies can receive Bowen with pleasure.

How does Bowen work?

The therapist uses specific rolling moves on the body. This engages the tissues below the skin to release fascial tension and initiate a restful, anti-stress, healing response. In order to facilitate the body to heal where it needs to, the therapist will regularly step away. The breaks amplify the treatment and make sure you get the full benefit of each and every Bowen move.

Bowen moves may be small but they are very powerful. They have the potential to affect many systems: lymph, immune, digestive, nervous…

As such they can have wide ranging effects on the mind:body connection, vagal tone, balance, pain perception, and much, much more

Getting out of pain, staying out of pain
Finding a way back to health

People come to Bowens when they want support for the following sorts of complaints:

  • Musculoskeletal issues: shoulder, back and neck pain, joint pain and stiffness, injuries

  • Women’s health: PMT, menopause

  • Chronic conditions: managing chronic pain and fatigue, post-viral conditions, migraines

  • Maintain good health: postural issues, mental health and stress management


L, 63

I have a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica. I was recommended the Bowen technique. How glad I gave it a chance. Two treatments later I could move better and in much less pain.

Louise, 43

I had long term back/hip pain and tightness. I felt twisted and noticed it during certain movements. After Bowen treatment it had completely gone, I had a better range of motion and could take a deeper breath.

LR, 12

I find school tiring and stressful. I'm in pain when I walk and feel tired all the time. The only time in the day when I can completely relax is when I have the Bowens


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