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Before your Bowen session

What to expect

A typical Bowen session begins with a check-in about your health and progress. When I first meet a client, I take notes on you, your lifestyle and explore your reasons for coming in detail. The on-couch time lasts anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Plan on one hour for one session.

If you have never received Bowens before you may be surprised by how relaxing it is. The therapist will work on your body with small, rolling movements for a minute or so and then leave you to rest for a couple of minutes. They will return to make more movements, and so on. 

This usually takes place on a massage couch but if you struggle with lying down for long periods then you can receive Bowen from a seated position on a chair.

You should wear light, pliable clothes. If in doubt, light, loose jeans are preferable to tight or stiff leggings. If you are happy, skin-on-skin is even better but please remain modestly covered. I have a supply of blankets and pillows for extra comfort. Or you can bring your own if you prefer.

Hand Massage

Hands On

"Touch has a memory", John Keats

Please be aware this is a hands-on therapy. Consent is always asked for but if you have particular concerns around being touched, this may not be the therapy for you.

Alternative wellness activities could include acupuncture, yoga or meditation

    Holding Hands
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