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Bowen is for Everyone. Especially YOU

Updated: May 18, 2023

Welcome to Collette's Bowen Therapy blog

Operating in the South Hams, I offer Bowen treatments for anyone who is looking for help with a chronic health condition, acute injuries or to destress from a hectic life.

As well as offering Bowen as a hands-on body-centered therapy, I would also like to spread Bowen wisdom and anything health related that might interest my clients though this blog.

One of my biggest inspirations is to look at nature to see what I can learn.

Here's one true but weird example: I learnt how to give birth from watching goats and cows give birth. Yes, really! We have a small holding and I often midwife the births on the farm. The animals made it look so easy. When it was my turn, I went to the hospital convinced I needed to give birth on hands and knees. They thought I was mad. But guess what? Without giving details, I can affirm it was hugely successful technique!

Learning from nature

Self heal

At the heart of Bowen is the belief that the body can self-heal. I see this around me everyday.

A cut can heal rapidly without any help
A plant grows through set backs like slug attacks and disease
Most coughs and colds clear up in no time, plenty of people don't even
pick them up despite exposure

From the biology I studied, I know that each day, numerous cancerous cells are made but never develop into life threatening tumours. Our bodies are constantly regenerating and purifying.

It seems obvious that every person can self-heal yet daily the message we receive through the media is one of a constant state or fear of disease.

If I could spread one message....

It would be that ill health is not a sentence; healing is not an endpoint. They are both processes. When we understand this we can take healing into our own hands and give ourselves the very best chance at health. Bowen is just one great way to tap into your own self-healing body.

If you have not already discovered what Bowen can offer, why not try a Bowen First session? Contact me to find out more.

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