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Walking your way to health

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

If you could sell the benefits of exercise in a pill, its success would outstrip all the other health pills on the market.

We all know and feel like we should move more and do more exercise, but often life gets in the way of our best intentions.

And 'exercise' covers a multitude of activities, from ultramarathon runners at one end of the scale to hoovering the house at the other. So what is a good amount of exercise? Recent research reveals even moderate levels of exercise can have great health benefits. That's good news for those of us who don't love going to the gym or 10k runs.

The Bowen method includes the recommendation to walk daily because

  • Walking is low impact. It is better on joints than high impact activities like running.

  • Walking is comfortable for most people to do. Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, a gentle thirty minute stretch a day can be done by anyone.

  • Walking gets you outside - with all the benefits that entails - fresh, air, change of scenery, gets you out of your head, improves mental health (combats anxiety, depression and more). If you walk in natural environment there are added health advantages to reconnecting with the natural world.

  • Walking is linked to better general health outcomes: weight management, blood pressure, heart disease and more.

  • Committing to a half hour a day for your health is doable for most people, most days. It about focussing on self-care. You are worth it!

Why is walking a healing part of the Bowen method?

Walking or any light movement exercise is recommended for those recovering from illness or trauma (unless specifically ruled out by your doctor) because

  • movement of the body (muscle contractions) moves lymph around the body. Lymph is a major part of our immune response so when lymph moves, we more effectively fight disease.

  • movement involves muscle contractions and fascia is stretched and contracts. This keeps fascia supple and healthy. Fascia is involved in recovery from trauma and wound repair. Its role in healing is only just starting to be understood. So keeping fascia in good shape is a priority during the healing process.

  • movement helps joints, muscles and fascia to move more freely. Tightness will lead to pain and in particular referred pain. In order to prevent further pain and restriction during and after recovery, light exercise is excellent.

How about all the benefits of a health pill and more, for free, without the side-effects?

That is why Bowen therapists recommend a regime of light daily exercise such as a thirty minute walk.

Walk alone
Walk with a friend
Walk with a dog (if you don't have one, borrow one)
Walk somewhere (to work, the shops, a cafe)
Walk nowhere (get lost and find your way back again)
Walk in nature
Walk down the street
Walk around a museum
Walk to feel freer
Walk to feel less pain
Walk your way back to health  

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